Tellurium Powder

This is an Astro product. This is a 2 light outdoor wall light from the Salerno range. This simplistic but modern design will complement a wide range of different exterior designs and will suit an arr

  • MOQ: 10kg
  • Purity: 99.9%min
  • Feature: powder
  • Origin: China
  • Brand: Zheyuan
  • Packaging: Sealed in polyethylene vacuum bottle or as required
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1. It's silvery white, lustrous, solid metal.

2. Soluble in sulfuric acid, nitric acid, potassium hydroxide and potassium cyanide solution.

3. Insoluble in water. Imparts garlic-like odor to breath, can be depilatory.

4. It is a p-type semiconductor and its conductivity is sensitive to light exposure.

5.Tellurium is a semiconductor materials showing a greater electrical conductivity.

6.Tellurium powder is a dark grey powder produced in vacuum equipment under nitrogen protection, it has low oxygen (less than 10ppm)with great flowability.